Kava Reverse Tolerance Is a Thing!

I found this site while looking up Kava Reverse Tolerance – I can’t remember if I blogged about that before, but it’s when you appear to not get the effects of Kava the first few times you take it. I definitely got it for a couple of weeks while I was on my honeymoon period with kava. It does start to get you thinking that the stuff doesn’t actually do anything.

However, as a calm adult about a year later who has no need for that extra glass of wine in her life, I can say it’s definitely worth keeping with it if you experience this period of getting used to the root. It’s like your body is detoxifying and priming yourself to get into the Vanuatan vibe. Yep – Vanuatan kava is my new thing since I discovered the Borogu strain – oh wow it’s so serene!

Anyway if you find yourself suffering from not feeling anything from kava – and wow you need to feel something with putting up with that taste, check out the Love Kava blog I linked to at the top – it’s a really informative article about the whys and wherefores of the reverse tolerance phenomena.

Bula xx