Chrissy Present Rundown! Onesies and Telescopes

So I thought I write a bit about a couple of the most used Christmas pressies ever, as usually they’re stuffed in the cupboard, never to be seen again, until they get taken to the charity shop a couple of years later.

The man in my life got a Star Trek onesie – like this this year. He looks just like Picard – bald head and all hehee. I never thought I’d see him in a onesie but that was until I discovered these Trekkie ones, now he’s neverout of it! I could probably buy Star Trek lingerie and he’d wear it. He’s a space nut and even though I can’t tell the difference between Cardassians and Kardashians I’m so glad I bought him this cosy sleeping bag to wear!

Onto our joint present and we decided to buy ourselves a telescope, a Celestron SE4 goto scope. I haven’t had a telescope since I was about 10 but I still know all the constellations. Every night we’ve had for the past month where it’s been clear skies we’ve been out doing the Sky Tour that is built into the telescope’s database. Once you’ve aligned the scope to a couple of stars it knows where it is and “slews” to any object you key into the handset. It’s awesome, especially on night’s where there’s been no moon getting in the way. Highlights so far… a bowl of kava and Orion’s nebula. It’s stunning. The nebulosity is very much apparent even through this wee scope. The moon has also been a revelation once we realised we needed a moon filter – it’s too dazzling, otherwise.

It’s so chill going out and stargazing after a bowl of the good old Fijian. Wrap up warm, put on your onesie!! and stare at the heavens. It’s bliss!

I’ve never used the Satellite radar so much looking forward to another clear night. Bye for now xx