I Think The Kava Has Hit Me

So, I’ve been taking this kava for about a month now – just the odd cup here and there and I suppose what I’ve been feeling so far was just a placebo effect as it hit me full on today. Wow!

kava for four
Kava For Four

Last week my sister was over and she got interested in this kava stuff – between you and me I think she went off and researched it thinking I was getting in over my head on some hippy dippy drugs or something.

So she and her family were over for a cook-out and the sun was blazing. I had already prepared a flask of kava with ice in it (oh it’s putrid without the ice!) and she asked if she could join me while everybody else was enjoying pina coladas. I warned her about the taste and she turned her nose up as she sank the cupful of muddy river water. She said she probably wouldn’t “get it” as she had read about something called reverse tolerance.

This came to me today as I took my morning chug of kava. I’d been taking it in the morning as I had read that it’s more effective on an empty stomach, and I always felt a little more relaxed this side of lunchtime if I took it then. But today about 10 minutes after taking the drink I was staggered with a serene calmness falling over me like I’ve never known. I was chatting to our neighbor, George and I couldn’t stop talking! I’ve never talked so much or felt so uninhibited with him before.

I’m used to running into the house at the first sign of a conversation. To tell the truth I had to sit down as a pleasant, slightly high-pitched angel seemed to sing into my ears. The blue sky was so deep and felt incredibly calm and relaxed. This was not what I’ve been used to with the kava so far. This was much more.

From what my sister said, was this reverse tolerance coming into play? I’m looking it up right now, because if this is what kava truly does, then I’m even more blown away by this herb than before.

It’s definitely been of benefit so far but it’s been in the background, a kind of guiding hand, that helped me get through the day. But This! This is something new to me and somewhat of a revelation. I’m gonna post a bit more about this later because I need to understand what is happening here.