The Cat That Got The Rat!

Had a funny thing happen today, while I was at home working. I noticed our local tabby, a gray cute feline called Poppy was prowling the garden.

She was just out of my peripheral vision, slinking across the bottom of the lawn. The back door was open and I was sat in the kitchen trying to get some work done. I’d just had some Kava so was just getting into the chill and words were starting to flow.

All of a sudden a rat (yes, a big brown RAT!) crept (or so it thought) over the threshold into MY kitchen and went for some crumb from the floor near the stove. This was while I was sitting (motionless) just a couple of feet away. We’re pretty countrified here so seeing the odd field mouse isn’t that unusual but this thing was huge!

The gall of the thing coming into my kitchen when it thought nobody was looking! (I dread to think how often rats are getting in when I’m not about to see them – have to wonder about keeping the back door unlocked now!).

Anyhow, I was just staring, incredulous. The kava vibe was just starting to give me that tickling glow, so it all seemed pretty magical, if not a little far out. Once it had secured the crumb (mental not to self – keep the kitchen tidier) it turned and hopped over the doorstep and slinked off back into the garden.

I thought that would be the last of it – but Poppy had other ideas!

All of a sudden there was a flash of gray across the green lawn. Like one of those Japanese bullet trains it was there and then gone. Out of nowhere a huge screaming and yelping emanated from near the back door, under the bench. I immediately got up to see what the cafuffle was.

I saw something very similar to this:

Poppy catching a rat
Rat Catcher

Well – this was all too exciting for me and I had pretty much forgotten the mellow vibe the tea had brought on. I just had to interrupt my work to write this post. Unfortunately, life has been a little drab for me recently, but this episode stood out as it got my heart pounding a bit!

Things are generally going well and I think my new diet regime that’s helping the kava do it’s thing is really helping me lose quite a few pounds. It’s not that I’m not eating. I’m just not over-indulging like I used to. A good hefty breakfast and lunch then just pretty much a light snack in the evening seems to let the kava sing the most to me.

Having said all of this, I can tell that this Loa Waka is doing the trick because I’ve completely lost my train of thought. And usually, if I seen a rat in my kitchen (isn’t that a song?) I’d be in full-on panic mode.

Oh well…back to work…