Improving this Blog

I know a few of my friends have been reading this blog. We all know I’m no Shakespeare, but the consensus was that it might help me plan, organize and perhaps just give me more of a sense of perspective of my life if I was to jot things down.

# But it’s all a bit too rambly and untidy!

Maybe that’s the point? Like good sleep can help to unscramble the mess in your head from the day, perhaps these ramblings can knit a more cohesive life back together?

Anyway, I just thought that I’m open to suggestions or improvements to this blog if anybody has anything they think would be super-creative or just to help tidy it up a bit. I was thinking of adding a calendar, but then I thought that would just heckle after my OCD issues. I quite like the way it just seems a bit timeless, anyway.

Hit me with some comments if you’re not already bored to death. Ha!