Everything is going far too well

My life has been going really well for the past few weeks. Previously I had been really anxious and down about things.

I was struggling with my weight, I wasn’t exercising and generally I was really beginning to feel like my life was heading downhill. That obviously made things worse and I think it was like a snowball effect in the end.

But now I really do feel on top of the world.

I have worked hard on my diet, to improve it, I have substituted carbohydrates and sugar for more wholesome foods, lots more vegetables and things like smoothies.

I’ve also ditched caffeine and am now drinking more herbal teas, and also kava tea. I’m finding that the kava is having a really positive effect on me.

I have found that since drinking kava tea I have started to sleep better and feel calmer. I don’t know how much of that is reality or just in my mind, but I feel it is definitely working.

On top of the kava, I have also now stopped drinking alcohol and am exercising as well.

So things are really positive and I have really made some positive changes I feel.

On top of that I have got a promotion at work. I said yes to my boss and I am now a week away from starting a new position. It’s a good progression for me and several thousand more per year, so it’s a challenge, but not one that will be too big for me and one that would make my anxiety and natural fear of failure be even worse.

So it is all really good, and again as I’ve said before, my defences are up because I know how life can turn round and slap you in the face at a moments notice. I’ve learnt that when things are going well you have to really enjoy them, because when things are going badly that time will feel twice as long and feel like it’s going twice slowly. So you really have to grab the good times while they are there.

And now I have finished writing this blog post I’m going to go and have a lovely cup of kava tea and chill out and feel happy with my life.