A little wellbeing update

I’ve been telling this blog for a couple of weeks about how I am on a health kick. I have cut out bad foods, I am also starting to exercise and I have started to substitute normal foods for health foods, and also smoothies and kava tea.

I am feeling really good after a couple of weeks, I feel a lot healthier than I have done for years. It’s amazing how little changes in your diet, and a little more physical exercise can really make a big difference to how you feel about yourself. It has made me more confident and it has raised my self-esteem.

I’m also sleeping better and I am also feeling less anxious, I think it’s a combination of the soothing properties of the Kava tea and my body generally getting better rest and more good nutrients into it.

So that’s all really great news and I am really pleased to be reporting that my diary.

Obvious I am aware that when I suffer from anxiety ever been can go down the pan very quickly. And I know that unless I stick at it the exercise will disappear very quickly as well, and then I will be back to square one in a few weeks, so I really have to stick at this and make it normal and make it a habit.

In other news, I think I might have a promotion at work. The boss spoke to me yesterday and asked if I would like to step up, and I said that will be good but I would need to think about it, so it looks like I’m in the frame for a promotion. I spoke to my husband about it earlier and he said go for it, he said that we are fine with the kids and that he can take on a bit more home, and I must go for it if I really want to.

So things are all good and exciting at the moment, and I suppose am a bit sceptical because I’m waiting for things to go wrong.