The case of the missing cat next door has been solved

I had a knock on the door today from my neighbour. She’s a lovely old lady and she told me that she had found her lost cat.

It’s a lovely story. I had just been drinking a cup of kava tea when she knocked on the door, and I was feeling really relaxed. And it really made me happy.

She knocked on the door the other day to say the cat had gone missing. I didn’t think much of it, because cats go missing all the time, and they either turn up, or they are never found again.

She was very upset because she loves that cat, and I said I would keep an eye out for it.

Well apparently, it had jumped into the back of a van that was delivering on the road. Because it was the last drop of the day, the van then went back to its depot and was parked overnight without being opened again.

When they opened it up the next day, the cat was there and nobody knew where it had come from. They took it to a local rescue centre and thankfully the lady had had it micro-chipped, so they knew who it belonged to. They rang her this morning and she got back from collecting the cat just a few hours ago.

So it’s a lovely story and it made me really happy. I’m feeling a lot calmer, especially after the phone incident the other day, and I have to say I think that drinking kava tea is having a therapeutic benefit for me. It could be psychosomatic, but at this minute time, I’m thinking that kava does have some calming properties.

I’m also happy to report that generally my health feels on the up. I am eating much more healthily, drinking kava tea, doing exercise and trying to keep my mind healthy as well, and I have to say that overall I’m in a different world to where I was a fortnight ago. Hopefully will continue, because obviously am aware that with anxiety in the next issue can just be round the corner.