A lovely lunch that went badly wrong

Today has not been a fantastic day at all. I went into the city and did some shopping.

I was really pleased with myself because I even managed to go to a health shop and I got some Kava tea.

I’m really excited about trying Kava, because I have heard so much about the health benefits it has. I think I’m a bit sceptical that something as simple as a drink containing Kava could help with insomnia, calmness and other things, so I’m really looking forward to trying it.

After I had bought the Kava tea I went to meet my friend for lunch. We sat outside at a table on the pavement and had a lovely chat.

But unfortunately I left my mobile phone on the side of the table close to the road, it’s a pedestrianised area down a side street, so is very quiet. Before I could realise what was happening, somebody had lent over, grabbed my phone and was running up the street with it.

Because the street is so quiet, nobody could stop him, and as he was running away nobody got a good look at him, and before I knew it, he was round the corner and gone.

It’s a brand new iPhone and so I’m gutted. Thankfully it’s insured and all my data is backed up online, so I will get everything back.

I was quite shaken up by it, and it was quite ironic that I had just bought Kava tea to calm myself down, and now I’m even more stressed and anxious than I’ve been for months.

Anyway, at least I’m in one piece and I’m going to report back once I’ve actually spent a few days testing the effects of the Kava.

Right a must get on, the kids will be home soon and so will my husband and I’m going to make them are really nice tea, then I will sit and I will tell my husband about my horrible day and hopefully I can then chill out and have a nice evening, perhaps watch a movie or something like that.